Fee Structure

Representing Employees in Employment Related Matters

Due to the fact that the Law Office of Jeffrey R. Mazer focuses primarily on representing employees who are experiencing difficulties in the workplace, our clients often have concerns regarding their financial future based upon uncertain job security or apprehension regarding when he or she will return to work. As such, our goal is to offer a fee structure that strikes a balance between our clients’ financial concerns and our interest in being compensated for our services. In furtherance of this goal, we offer several options of fee structures to allow the client to select the structure that meets his or her financial needs.

The most commonly used fee structure is the modified contingency fee. This fee structure is designed to form a partnership with the client and share the risk with them. The modified contingency fee combines an affordable monthly fee with a contingency fee.

Although the modified contingency fee structure is commonly used, there are situations where the modified contingency fee would not be appropriate. One such instance would be when the client is seeking non-monetary relief (ie. seeking to return to work or negotiating a reasonable accommodation in the workplace). Under these circumstances, an hourly rate or flat rate fee would be offered to the client.

While the fee structures mentioned above are the commonly used fee structures, we are open to discussing “creative” fee structures with the client as well. Our goal is to provide quality, efficient and affordable legal representation. We want everybody to have the opportunity to exercise their rights under the law regardless of their financial status.